Letter Slitter Hand Letter Opener

Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque; 12×20mm gear motor provide 0.1Nm torque and more reliable; Suitable to small diameter. Low noise and big torque application; Dc gear motors can match encoder,3ppr; Reduction r atio : 4 1、8 2、9 5、1 9 0、2 1 9、4 3 8、5 0 4、1007

Product Details
We always follow the innovative concept of taking the company's development of new products as the core and providing customers with superb Long Lifetime DC Planetary Brushless Gear Motor, DC Micro Gear Motor, 12 Volt Low Speed DC Gear Motor as the goal. Starting from the market itself and the actual needs of customers, we strive for excellence in every step. Our employees are conscientious, proactive, courageous, and committed to achieve their goals. To meet the needs of customers is our first priority. Only satisfied customers can cultivate loyal customers.

Model: TWG1220-N30VA

Choose us, we will provide high-quality Letter Slitter Hand Letter Opener solutions, and also expand your market share, so that you can achieve business success. And customized orders are acceptable. The scale of our company is increasing year by year, the import and export structure is constantly optimized, and the level is higher and higher.
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