Cheap ISDB-T Encoder Modulator with Cheap Price

Wide resolution range,standard 100CPR output.Also ok to customized from 96CPR to 1024CPR; Single 5V supply, No single adjustment requeired,Two channels quadrature output; TTL compatible; Count Frequency:100KHz max; Operation temperature: -40~+85℃

Product Details
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Optical Encoder

Product Descriptions:

• TT Motor optical encoder

• 100cpr output. Also could be customized from 96cpr to 1024cpr

• Single 5V supply,Two channels quadrature output

• TTL compatible

• High reflection frequency 100KHz max

• Work temperature from -40℃ to 85 ℃

• Lifetime could be 10years or more


Optical Encoder DATA 2.png

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