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Aug 05, 2017

 Worm gears are beneficial for a range of industrial applications:1.Applications where fast braking or stopping is desired — Lifts, elevators and hoists

   Backdriving is nearly impossible with worm gears. Stopping and holding may be possible without an external brake,or a   smaller brake could be used with the worm 2.Gear as the secondary braking system. Worm gears should not be relied on as a sold braking method.3.Applications where noise is a concern — Theaters, airports and elevators

   The sliding engagement between the gear teeth in worm drives allows for quieter operation than some other gear types.  The dissimilar materials used in worm gear sets also contributes to their quiet operation.4.Applications where space is a concern — Packaging equipment, small machinery and conveyors

   As mentioned before, the design of a worm gear allows for fewer gear sets to be used in order to achieve high gear ratios (with significant speed reduction and torque increase). With fewer gear sets, the result is a smaller gearbox.5.Applications with shock loading — Rock crushers and other heavy duty machinery

   Because one of the gears in a worm gear set is made of a softer metal, it can more easily absorb the energy from sudden shock loads.   For more info please visit us at www.ttmotor.com thanks & nice day !!