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What Is The The Gear Ratio Of DC Gear Motor On Behalf Of

Jan 12, 2018

What is the the gear ratio of DC gear motor on behalf of

          Shenzhen TT motor is a large number of Shenzhen, Shenzhen DC gear motor manufacturers, the only specific production of gear and brushless DC motor manufacturers, a decade in this area, in the small module gear deceleration has a very core technology, and from time to time Maintain self-technological innovation and professional upgrading. Shenzhen DC gear motor manufacturers are numerous, but only kicking electronics still maintained a compound annual growth rate of 30% or more, which is resistant to customer support and team efforts!

        DC gear motor, that is, DC gear motor, is based on the conventional brush DC motor, according to customer needs with design gear reducer group, and thus can get a lower speed, greater torque.

       Meanwhile, the gear box according to the size of the transmission gear, different requirements, can provide different speed and torque.

      The reduction ratio is a value between the gear parameters of the gearbox and the input and output of the motor. The reduction ratio can be varied according to the requirements. The requirements here refer to the final output speed or the final output torque.