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What Is The Hall Angle Of The Electrode In A Brushless Motor

Jan 12, 2018

What is the Hall angle of the electrode in a brushless motor?

Brushless motor according to the electrical angle of the Hall element can be divided into 60 degrees and 120 degrees motor

DC brushless motor has three Hall elements, the magnetic line through the magnet will produce the appropriate signal to the controller to generate the appropriate PWM signal to control the motor rotation. According to Hall placement can be modulated 60 degrees and 120 degrees two kinds of signals. All 60-degree Hall elements are placed in the forward direction and the Hall elements in the middle of 120 degrees are placed in the reverse direction. When all the signals are placed in the forward direction, the phase flow will change direction once every 60 ° rotation of the motor rotor. The signal generated when the intermediate Hall is reversely placed causes the phase current to change direction once every 120 ° rotation of the motor rotor. This is the essence of Hall's angle, but the parameters of the two motors are nearly the same.