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What Is The Function Of A Commutator In A DC Motor?

Jul 12, 2017

                                                    What is the function of a commutator in a DC motor?

TT Motor(HK) Industrial Co,Ltd  has given you very brief explanation under function of a commutator in a Dc motor.The commutator in a DC Motor 

directs the applied DC voltage/current to the specific coil/coils such that the resultant space flux in the armature is displaced ideally 90deg with 

respect to the field flux, even though individual coils are rotating along with the armature, thereby ensuring the development of maximum torque. In 

simple words, if one coil in the armature is energized and forward torque is produced, the armature with the coil rotates. Thus, the coil position 

changes and it may not now be able to produce forward torque (since its position with respect to the field flux has changed) to keep the 

armature running. Thus, the specific coil is disconnected and another suitable coil is re-connected, all through the commutator, such that the motor 

is kept in rotation along with required torque generation.Thanks.

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