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What Are The Special Electronic Lock Motor

Jan 23, 2018

What are the special electronic lock motor

      Now on the market a wide range of electronic locks to meet the needs of the general population as an important part of the electronic lock DC motor, the corresponding type it is also used in the degree of ups and downs, so a variety of electronic lock the motor what?

     First of all, there are mainly two major categories, one is a DC motor and the other is a DC gear motor. DC motor means: a rotary motor that outputs or inputs DC power.

     The gear motor, is based on the ordinary DC motor, coupled with gear reducer. Gear reducer's role is to provide lower speed, larger torque. At the same time, gearbox different reduction ratio can provide different speed and torque. This greatly increases the utilization of DC motors in the automation industry. Gearmotors refer to the integrated body of reducer and motor (motor). Such an integrated body can also be generally referred to as a gear motor or a gear motor.

     Electronic lock motor generally require a smaller motor size, torque should be large, low noise. Because the use of electronic locks is also very extensive, so the requirements of the motor is not uniform. Let's take a look at the DC motor what? Of course, we did not list all, can only list some common, some special needs custom design.

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