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Uses And Functions Of A Brush DC Motor

Jul 26, 2017


                               Uses and Functions of a Brush DC Motor

There are several types of industry that rely on a brush DC motor because of its functionality and performance. For 

instance, it is commonly used in the automotive industry since the motor comes with an economical value. It also has 

simple and straightforward features, which make them useful in making power seats and windows, to name a few. 

Aside from the automotive world, the motor is popular in other industries involved in manufacturing or 

technology.Brush DC motors can be used in Jacuzzi pumps, seat adjustments and windows of automatic 

transmission cars. There are different speed and torque specifications in a brush DC motor, and various sizes of the 

motor are available, depending on your needs. For any motion control applications, brush DC motors should be 

excellent options because of its maximum torque and speed.

To ensure the lifespan and performance of a brush DC motor, all of its components should be kept in good condition. 

The DC brushes, most importantly, should be well-maintained and replaced when necessary, as these impact the 

longevity of the motor. With proper care and maintenance, the brush DC motor can last for up to 2000 or even 5000 

hours of use. This, of course, still depends on the design, voltage, speed and operating current of the motor.

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