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Types Of Gear Motors

Aug 16, 2017

                                                                          Types of Gear motors

As the name states, a gear motor consist of an electric motor (brushless, brush, AC, servo) and gear reducer, also referred to 

as gearbox, integrated into a simple package. A gear motor combination reduces complexity and lowers costs in designs 

requiring high torque low speed output. Gear motors can be manufactured to be integral or be combined as separate 

components. Gear motors which have the motor and gear reducer sharing the same shaft is what is meant by integral. 

Anaheim Automation offers a wide selection of stepper gear motors, brushless gear motors, DC gear motors and AC gear 

motors integrated with either spur, planetary or worm gears. Gear motors are used in many applications in industrial 

applications as well as in everyday household appliances. Industrial applications include cranes, lifts, jacks and conveyor 

machines. Everyday household appliances gear motors are used in are washing machines, mixers, clocks, hand tools like 

drills and dryers. Click here for more info www.ttmotor.com  thanks !