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TT MOTOR Promote the Great Development of the Sharing Bike

Mar 02, 2017

TT MOTOR Promote the Great Development of the Sharing Bike

With the emergence of the sharing bike, completely solve the problem of people's travel difficult.Bicycle travel in line with the concept of low-carbon travel, welcomed by the majority of groups.

In the moment, regardless of ofo, mobike, Xiaoming, or what the new team came out, in order to break the crazy cycle of the sharing bike, "car sea" tactics is the key, who can make the public the most convenient, The easiest to find the bike and unlock the bike and ride, can become the the success of the sharing bike market.The speed and quantity of cycling is very important. As a short distance travel tool, the public is more inclined to use the big brand of bicycle. In simple terms, who can have enough money, and can balance the production costs and durability of the vehicle, then who can go further.Customer's loyalty depends on the experience of the results, if the customer use dozen seconds to unlock a biycycle, and ultimately know that this is a fault car, it is estimated that users have to find another one.According to statistics, the current market, 30% of the bicycles are fault vehicles, the most fundamental reason for the lock body can not be opened, the lock is the most critical parts depends on the motor GM12-N20, the current production of this gear motor manufacturers is so much, but the manufacturers who can really achieve the good quality, only the Shenzhen TT MOTOR company.Now,the GM12-N20 of Shenzhen TT MOTOR is continuing to supply to more than 10 bicycle manufacturers, shipping drawings are as follows:电机图纸.jpg

Choosing Shenzhen TT MOTOR's five reasons:

     NO.1: process of production, ISO9001 system control, quality assurance;

     NO.2: professional testing equipment to reduce the risk of quality and safety accidents;

     NO.3: focus on the industry positioning, so that we know more about the needs of products and characteristics;

     NO.4: mature operating system to help you control costs and reduce inventory;

     NO.5: 10-year-old brand, stresses integrity and keeping promises, many of the world's top 500 manufacturers designated brand