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TT Motor 28mm Diameter Brushless Motor

Jan 04, 2018

Shenzhen TT Motor Co., Ltd. brushless DC brushless motor products many, each diameter of the brushless motor has a variety of lengths, can also be equipped with a variety of gearbox. Today, we are introducing a 28mm diameter brushless motor, I hope this product can help everyone choose.

28mm diameter brushless motor specifications are as follows:

A) Model: TEC2838, TEC2847

B) Outline drawing

Description: diameter 28mm, length 38mm and 47mm; shape corresponding to brush motor 385 and 395;


C) motor parameters



D) product advantages and uses


1) The use of imported 2 ball bearings, the service life of up to 3W hours or more; noise as low as 30 dB or less; the effective efficiency of up to 90%;

2) good reliability, stable performance, easy maintenance;

3) use of environmentally friendly materials, no pollution;

4) Can be equipped with gear box, planetary gear box, turbine gear box;

5) The factory corresponds to flexible, accept the customer to order a variety of parameters;

Product Usage:

Office automation, smart appliances, medical equipment, robots, power tools, industrial equipment, etc .;

Five) Product physical picture



F) Six reasons to choose a brushless motor

1) beautiful appearance: the overall color is true color, easy to mix and match;

2) safe to use: DC 6V-24V power supply;

3) Easy to use: Turn on electricity without extra controller;

4) strong function: with positive and negative, PWM and FG functions;

5) long life and low cost: life is brush motor 10 times more than the cost of brush motor is about 3 times;

6) green, pollution-free;

Seven) choose Shenzhen kicked electronic brushless motor six reasons

NO. 1: process of production, ISO9001 system control, quality assurance;

NO. 2: professional testing equipment, reduce the risk of quality and safety accidents;

NO. 3: Focused industry positioning, so that we better understand the product needs and characteristics;

NO. 4: a mature operating system to help you control costs and reduce inventory;

NO. 5: ten-year-old brand, stresses honesty and trustworthiness, many of the world's top 500 manufacturers designated brand;

NO. 6: Improve after-sales service, so you buy worry-free;