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The Difference Between Ordinary Motor And Brushless Motor

Dec 28, 2017

the difference between ordinary motor and brushless motor

1, what is the motor?

A: The motor is to convert the battery power into mechanical energy, driving the electric car wheel rotation components.

2, what is the stator?

A: Brush or brushless motor does not work part of the rotation. The hub of a brushless or brushless motor with a motor shaft is called a stator. Such a motor can be called an internal stator motor.

3, what is the rotor?

A: Brush or brushless motor work part of the rotation. Hub-type brushless or brushless toothless motor shell called the rotor, this type of motor can be called the outer rotor motor.

4, what is carbon brush?

A: The top of the brushed motor is on the surface of the commutator. When the motor rotates, the electric energy is fed to the coil through the commutator. Because its main component is carbon, called carbon brushes, it is easy to wear. Should be regularly maintained replacement, and clean up carbon deposition.

5, what is the brush holder?

A: A mechanical guide that holds and holds the carbon brush in a brush motor.

6, what is the inverter?

A: Brush motor inside with a strip of metal surfaces insulated from each other, with the rotation of the motor rotor, the strip of metal alternating contact with the positive and negative brushless motor to achieve positive and negative alternating current direction of the coil to complete the brush motor coil The commutation.

7, what is the phase sequence?

A: Brushless motor coil order.

8, what is the magnet?

A: Generally used to address the high magnetic field strength of magnetic materials, electric car motors are used NdFeB rare earth magnets.

9, what is a brush motor?

A: When the motor is working, the coil and the commutator rotate, the magnet and the brushes do not rotate, and the alternation of the coil current direction is achieved by the commutator and the brushes which rotate with the motor. Brushed motor in the electric car industry points high-speed brush motor and low-speed brush motor. Brush motor and brushless motor there are many differences, from the name can be seen brush motor brush, brushless motor brushless.

10, what is a brushless motor?

A: The controller provides different directions of the DC current to achieve the motor inside the coil current direction of alternating changes, brushless motor rotor and stator without brush and inverter.

11, the motor how to achieve commutation?

A: When the brushless or brushed motor is rotating, the energizing direction of the coil in the motor needs to be changed alternately so that the motor can rotate continuously. Brushed motor commutation phase converter and brush to complete, brushless motor to complete the controller.

12, what is lack of phase?

A: Brushless motor or brushless three-phase circuit controller, one phase can not work. Missing Main Phase Missing Phase and Hall Missing Phase. The performance of motor jitter can not work, or weakness and noise rotation. Controller in the phase loss state is very easy to burn.

13, what are the common types of motor?

A: Common motors are: brush gear with hub motor, brushless gear hub motor, brushless gear hub motor, brushless gear hub motor, side hung motor.

14, from the type of motor how to distinguish between high and low speed motor?

A: A brush gear hub motor, brushless gear hub motor is a high-speed motor;

B brushless gear hub motor, brushless gearless hub motor belongs to the low-speed motor.

15, the efficiency of the motor is how to define?

A: The efficiency of the motor is the ratio of the mechanical energy output by the motor to the power provided by the power supply. With the letter "ri" said.

16, brushless motor is how to classify?

A: From the phase angle can be divided into two categories, namely, divided into 60 ° and 120 ° phase angle of the brushless motor; according to the speed points can be divided into high-speed brushless motor and low-speed brushless motor; according to whether the motor has Position sensors to points, is divided into a position sensor brushless motor and no position sensor brushless motor.

17, what is the sensorless brushless motor?

A: For position sensorless brushless motors, you must first pedal the car, the motor has a certain rotation speed, the controller can identify the phase of the brushless motor, before the controller can power the motor. Because it can not achieve zero speed start, so use very little. But because there is no sensor, all have one less trouble point, and its cost is lower.

18, Brushless Motor Hall of the general range of power consumption is how much?

A: The power consumption of brushless motor Hall roughly ranges from 6mA to 20mA.

19, brushless motor Hall voltage range is how much?

A: Brushless Motor Hall voltage range is generally 3-24V.

20, the general motor at how high the temperature to work? The maximum temperature the motor can withstand?

A: If the temperature of the motor cover exceeds 25 degrees above the ambient temperature, the temperature rise of the motor is beyond the normal range. Generally, the temperature rise of the motor should be below 20 degrees. General motor coil is made of enameled wire wound, while the enameled wire at temperatures higher than 150 degrees when the film will be off because of the temperature is too high, causing the coil short circuit. When the coil temperature is above 150 degrees, the temperature of the motor case is about 100 degrees, so if the temperature of the case is taken as the basis, the highest temperature the motor will bear is about 100 degrees.

21, the motor temperature rise should be below 20 ℃, that is, the motor cover temperature exceeds the ambient temperature should be less than 20 ℃, but the motor heat more than 20 ℃ for what is the reason?

A: The direct cause of motor heating is due to the current caused. The general may be a short circuit or open coil, magnet demagnetization motor efficiency caused by low, the normal situation is the motor for a long time high current operation.

22, how to measure the phase angle of brushless motor?

A: Turn on the controller power, the controller to the Hall element power supply, you can detect the phase angle of the brushless motor. The method is as follows: Use the multimeter + 20V DC voltage file, and the red pen then +5 V line, the black pen were measured three lead high and low voltage (where the use of red and black pen has a skill), according to 60 ° and 120 ° Motor commutation table control can be.

23, if the 60 ° brushless controller used in 120 ° brushless motor what will happen? How else?

A: Will lead to the phenomenon of lack of phase, can not be normal operation; However, an intelligent brushless controller developed by Tianjin Song is able to automatically identify 60 ° motor or 120 ° motor, which can be compatible with the two kinds of motors, making maintenance and replacement much easier.

24, brush high-speed motor and brushed low-speed motor What is the difference between the intuitive?

A: A. High-speed motors have clutches (like flywheel-like functions), turn in one direction to ease, to the other direction transfer effort; low-speed motor bidirectional turn as easy.

B. High-speed motor car when the noise is large, low-speed motor rotation noise is small. Experienced people easily identify with the ear.

25, the motor starting current is how to define?

A: The general requirements of the motor starting current can not exceed 2 times its rated current of 5 times, which is why the controller to do current limiting protection is an important reason.

26, the motor speed on the market why is getting higher and higher and what impact?

A: A. Suppliers to speed up to reduce costs, the same low-speed motor, high speed coil less turns, but also save the silicon steel, the number of magnets less, the buyer that the speed is high.

B. rated speed work, its efficiency is unchanged, but in the low-speed zone when the efficiency is significantly lower, that is, start weakness.

C. inefficient, need to start with a large current, riding current is also large, the current limit requirements of the controller, the battery is not good.

27, there is abnormal motor fever how to repair?

A: The maintenance method is usually to replace the motor, or for maintenance.

28, the motor no-load current is greater than the reference table limit data indicates that the motor has a fault, what are the reasons? How to repair?

A: The mechanical friction inside the motor is large; the coil is partially short-circuited; the magnet is demagnetized; and the commutator of the DC motor deposits carbon. Maintenance methods are generally to replace the motor, or replace the carbon brush to clean up the carbon deposit.