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What is the structures and characteristics of DC Gear Motor

Dec 19, 2019

What is the structures and characteristics of DC Gear Motor

Gear motor is generally used for the transmission equipment with low speed and large torque. It can reduce the speed by transmitting the motor or other high-speed transmission equipment to the gear of the output shaft through the reducer.


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Structures and characteristics of the Gear motor

The load torque of DC gear motor has a direct relationship with the speed and current. The speed decreases linearly with the increase of load, while the current increases linearly. When selecting specifications, try to work near the maximum efficiency point to obtain ideal operation performance, working life and characteristic stability.

Generally, the operating environment of DC gear motor is the same as that of micro DC motor. If there are special needs, such as ambient temperature, overload conditions, current limit, etc., it must be explained in advance.

The working life of gearbox is generally longer than that of DC motor, which can reach 1000 to 3000 hours. The total reduction ratio of the gearbox is generally in the range of 1:10 to 1:500. After special design, it can reach 1:1000 or larger, but the gearbox with large reduction ratio is not allowed to "reverse", that is, the output shaft of the gearbox can not be used as the driving shaft to force reverse.

Due to the limitation of gear strength, when the total transmission is large, the gear motor may not be able to bear the locked rotor torque, and the load torque at this time cannot exceed the maximum allowable short-time load torque. The gearbox is composed of multi-stage gear pairs. Each stage consists of a pair of meshing gear pairs consisting of a sheet gear and a pinion. The first pinion is mounted on the output shaft of the motor. The bearing used for the output shaft of the gearbox is usually an oil bearing made of sintered copper or iron materials.

Gear Motor Application

Gear motor is widely used in wearable consumer product, medical equipment, intelligent home, automobile driver, robot drive, e-commerce logistics warehouse, precision instruments, industrial automation equipment, electronic products, precision machinery and other fields.

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