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Simple Definition Of Brushless Motor

Jan 11, 2018

Simple definition of brushless motor

Common on the market of brushless DC motor,

Divided from the phase angle can be divided into two categories, namely, 60 degrees and 120 degrees phase angle of the brushless motor (that is, 6 slots or 9 slots of points)

Divided by speed, can be divided into high-speed brushless motor and low-speed brushless motor;

Divided by power, can be divided into high-power brushless motor, and low-power brushless motor

Divided by the driving method, there are ways to drive brushless motor and Masao wave drive brushless motor

Divided by the way the drive is placed, there are built-in drive brushless motor and external drive brushless motor

According to whether the motor has a position sensor to points, is divided into a position sensor brushless motor and sensorless position brushless motor.