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Shenzhen TT Motor Lead The Brushless Motor Application Development In Hair Dryer Industry

Jan 12, 2018

Shenzhen TT Motor lead the brushless motor application development in hair dryer industry 

With the rapid growth of communications, mini-games, consumer electronics and automotive industries, DC brushless motors are widely used, but the market is far from saturated due to the complicated production process, high precision and power consumption requirements Great innovation and growth. Such as kicking electronic production of brushless motor effective efficiency up to 80-90%, better consistency, reliable performance, less failure, life expectancy up to 30,000 hours. And TT motor models, a total of more than 40 diameter 6mm to 100mm motor, the diameter of the motor series with a different gearbox, the basic parameters to meet the needs of most customers.


    In addition, the rapid development of hair dryer industry, but also for micro-motor applications in the field of nursing has provided a broad space for development. A hair dryer needs a brushless motor, and hair dryer is widely found in barbershop and home, the demand and much more. Which TT motor brushless hair dryer motor development, low noise, no radiation, low failure, easy maintenance, and life is more than 10 times the conventional hair dryer motor on the market.

    From the past two years, all major exhibitions in Shenzhen can be seen, high torque, small size, high control accuracy, low power consumption, long life and low cost of micro-motor products by the customer pro-gaze, especially to focus on micro motor motion control TT Motor uses permanent magnet silicon steel sheet, made of Japanese imported bearings, high torque of motor products, high speed, high precision, small electromagnetic loss, high conversion efficiency, TT motor show strong competitiveness, also to some extent R & D direction of a small motor.


    In China, the related academic forums and exhibitions held along with the development of the micro-motor industry also reflect the future development trend and industrial pattern of the micro-motor industry to a certain extent. For example, TT Motor relies on the huge industrial advantages of the PRD and rapidly rises. Gradually become the video game industry, the nursing industry and the medical industry "barometer" every year to attract a large number of domestic and foreign buyers to exchange orders.