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Share A Single Point Of View Of Bicycle Electronic Locks ​

Jan 02, 2018

Share a single point of view of bicycle electronic locks

About the mechanical control and communication control of the shared lock on the bicycle

The structure of shared bicycles lies in the opening and closing of the entire upstream and downstream supply chain of the industry. Its basic core soul is operation. In addition, the entire control brain is the smart electronic lock that is popular in the present and a little bit tall.

The intelligent control inside the mechanical control section appears to be very simple, but not simple, DC geared motor receives the communication protocol sent to the end of the electric signal to rotate and pull the following card spring, the micro-switch to achieve through the spring A just displacement action to achieve the purpose of unlocking.

Remote electronic control part, divided into MCU program and SOC program, is through the network protocol to run some logic and control, and even single-chip is actually enough. In addition there is the communication system, which is the focus of intelligent car locks

Currently shared bicycle control section of the smart lock commonly used is divided into three categories:

Mobile communication ------ worship as the representative

Bluetooth communication ------ Xiao Ming as the representative

Pure machinery -------- OFO as the representative

The above three kinds of methods basically have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on what the purpose and result are.