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Selection Of A Dc Motor

Jul 10, 2017

TT Motor(Shenzhen) has been meeting our customer needs in dc and gear motor design, development and construction since 2006. Our company prides itself on innovation and is fully committed to resource integration.Nowadays there're many motor choices on the market from heavy-duty AC motors to tiny DC brushless and stepper motors. To select the right motor for the application the users must have a full understanding of the application parameters, including power, speed, torque, physical size, efficiency, lifetime expectations, and other requirements.

Therefore we've committed to assist you in terms of selection of dc motor.We can manage all your motor project needs, regardless of size. We have a strong team of engineers and staff to achieve your satisfaction even with tight time and cost constraints. 

Likewise we  produce a wide range of motors including PMDC, Brushless DC, Universal, Encoder, Gearbox ,and Transaxle motors. All our motors are made to the highest quality and the tightest controls. We have extensive experience in all types of motors and can specialise in large torque, low noise motors in physically small sizes.

So we're the best option for you.Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.Thanks.