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Rotary Encoder In The Industry In The Future Will Inevitably Seep Into People's Home

Feb 27, 2017

2016 with the economic development and improvement of automation, rotary encoder on the market has gained rapid development.

Rotary encoder is a precision measurement of angular displacement sensor based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the rotor and the stator winding in. If passing a sinusoidal exciting current in the rotor windings, the rotor in the stator winding of induction voltage of the same frequency, phase and amplitude changes with the relative displacement of the rotor and the stator. Induction Voltage phase or amplitude and the a/d conversion, such as electronic circuits, several bits of output digital signals (absolute value), or output a certain phase difference and frequency difference of pulse or sine signal.

Rotary encoder for speed and position feedback sensors, mainly used in servo motor, induction motor, stepping motor, Elevator traction machine, elevator door machine and mechanical axis, and the need for speed and displacement feedback control Automation to ensure high precision and stable operation of the machinery, so as to improve production efficiency and guarantee safe operation. In the early 50 's, mainland enterprises started to get involved in rotary encoder in the production area, due to the lower level of city marketing automation industry development, rotary encoder application size and growth are subject to some degree of control.