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RoboMaster Released M3508 Gear Motor, Xinjiang To Create A New Era Of Racing Robots!

Jan 02, 2018

RoboMaster released M3508 gear motor, Xinjiang to create a new era of racing robots!

Release Date: 2017-08-16

Do you remember the wheeled robot on RoboMaster? They can move freely on steep slopes and even accelerate, turn and drift on uneven terrains. Behind these high-performance actions, in fact, a powerful motor (also called a slowdown motor) drives the wheel to rotate efficiently.


Motor in the robot

However, at present, there is not a motor suitable for high-intensity racing at home and abroad. After careful research and development, today, RoboMaster officially released M3508 gear motor! This motor has a powerful drive even in small sizes, and superior intelligent protection provides a powerful guarantee for high-performance robots!


M3508 gear motor, C620 ESC

The M3508 gearmotor is fully integrated with motor and gearbox and equipped with a C620 ESC with FOC control technology to maximize performance. The motor converts the electric energy into kinetic energy, and the electric regulation adjusts the motor speed according to the control signal. Both of them constitute the power system and can be widely used in the power of the mobile platform of the robot and the driving module to help you grasp the first chance.

Compared with the same level of product

Flexible robotic platforms require faster speed and greater power. M3508 power system maximum power up to 220W, the maximum torque of 5Nm *; maximum continuous power of 150W, continuous torque of 2.8Nm *, the sense of FOC control regardless of speed can provide a stable torque, allowing the robot to respond quickly while maintaining a smooth power.

* Measured at room temperature 25 ℃

Small size

With its industry-leading power density, the M3508 powertrain delivers high power with 20% less space and weight than comparable equipment, saving a lot of space and delivering more power for competitive robots to operate efficiently.

Multiple abnormal induction

Built-in a variety of sensors, automatic sensing of high temperature, disconnection and other abnormal conditions and timely warning, rapid fault location, the use of more secure.

When multiple motors are mounted on the robot platform CAN bus, there is no need to set the motor ID separately. In the quick setting ID mode, the motor ID can be set by manually turning the motor sequentially. Motor ID conflict is automatically prompted.

Position feedback chip

Position sensor can accurately feedback motor rotor position, the motor comes with memory chip can automatically record sensor calibration parameters, eliminating the cumbersome calibration process, installation and replacement more convenient.

PWM signal, CAN bus

M3508 power system supports PWM signal input control and CAN bus command control *, CAN bus can also read the motor rotor position and other status information in real time. Use RoboMasterAssiatant motor parameters can be adjusted to allow the motor to work in the best condition.

* PWM control and CAN control can not be used at the same time.

More applications of products

RoboMaster robot

At RoboMaster 2016, champions and other top teams have extensively applied the customized 3510 motors to their robots to make the robots more mobile. Unfortunately, 3510 motor is not for sale, other robot enthusiasts have been missed. Today, the 3510 motor is strongly upgraded to the M3508 gear motor, allowing all robot enthusiasts to enjoy robot racing.

Speeding robot in the arena

The M3508 gearmotor has a strong driving force and can be used in addition to robotics such as RoboMaster and Robocon to create other interesting machines such as racing robots, high-load transport platforms, multi-degree-of-freedom robots, industrial pipelines , Special robots, etc., so that you have a more extensive space for robot production.

M3508 gear motor, C620 ESC

M3508 gear motor: Price ¥ 499

C620 ESC: Price ¥ 399

August 15, 2017, the above products will be available on RoboMaster's official website and DJI STORE.

M3508 gear motor, C620 ESC

From now until 20:00 on September 1 before, by kicking Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen kicking and purchasing M3508 motor and C620 are pleasantly surprised.