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Reducer Application And Development

Feb 27, 2017

Currently deceleration machine of application range quite widely, almost in all kinds of mechanical of drive system in the are can see it of trail, from transport of ship car, locomotive, building with of heavy machines, mechanical industrial by with of processing machines and the automation production equipment, to daily in the common of electric watches and so on. its application from big power of transmission work, to small load, precise of angle transmission are can see deceleration machine of application, and in industrial application Shang, deceleration machine has deceleration and the increased turned moment function, So widely application in speed and torque of conversion equipment. deceleration machine is a power convey of institutions, in application Shang Yu need high torque and not need too high speed of place are with of to it. for example: conveying with mixer, decision machine, automation dedicated machine..., and with industrial of development and factory of automation, its using deceleration machine of demand increasingly growth. usually deceleration of method has many, but most common of method is to gear to deceleration, can narrowed occupied space and the reduced cost, So also call reducer gearbox (GearBox).