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Motor Industry Development Trend:The Efficient Energy-Saving Motor

Mar 04, 2017

Motor industry development trend:The efficient energy-saving motor

Efficient energy-saving motor with new motor design, new technology and new materials can reduce the electromagnetic energy, heat and mechanical energy loss, improve output efficiency. Compared with the standard motor, the use of efficient motor energy saving effect is very obvious, usually the efficiency can be an average increase of 4%.

The efficient energy-saving motor's advantage:

  • Direct start, can be fully replaced by asynchronous motor.

  • Rare earth permanent magnet energy efficient motor itself can save energy than ordinary motor 3 ℅ above.

  • Motor power factor is generally higher than 0.90, improve the grid quality factor, without the need for power factor compensator.

  • Motor current is small, saving transmission and distribution capacity, extend the overall operating life of the system.

  • Plus the drive can be soft stop, stepless speed regulation, energy saving effect to further improve.

Energy saving and environmental protection has gradually become one of the world's hot issues, the world's motor is also the direction of energy efficient development, development potential is enormous. Developed countries have developed a motor energy efficiency standards. Europe and the United States and other developed countries continue to improve the motor energy efficiency access standards, the basic has all the use of energy efficient motor, in some areas have begun to use ultra-efficient energy-saving motor.

Motor products as industrial power is rely on the country's development speed and industrial policy dependence, so how to seize market opportunities, timely adjustment of product structure, the development of marketable products, choose a differentiated energy-saving motor products, closely follow the national industry Policy is the focus.TTMOTOR also keep up with the trend of the efficient energe saving.