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Keep The Brush And Commutator In Great Condition

Jul 28, 2017


                  Keep the Brush and Commutator in Great Condition


Your DC motor can perform well if the brushes and commutator are well-maintained. Brushes should be free from 

chipping or debris. Inspect the brush connections making certain they are these must be aligned properly, clean and 

secure. If your old brushes appear worn when compared to new ones immediately replace them.As for the 

commutator, it must have a smooth and polished appearance. Scratches and grooves signal a brush sparking or 

excessive wear. This requires replacing the commutator.If dirt is accumulating, remove any debris using a fiberglass 

cleaning brush with an electric motor cleaner.

Keeping your DC motor in optimal condition helps extend its lifespan and spare you from unnecessary repair costs. 

Incorporate these techniques into your maintenance program. Doing so avoids massive headaches due to unplanned 

downtimes and lower productivity rates.We TT Motor family warmly welcome you to provide more information about 

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