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How to choose a gear motor

Mar 02, 2017

On the motor selection, in fact, very doorway. Many non-professional demanders, usually in the choice of time will require "the smaller the better size, the greater the better torque, the noise the smaller the better, the cheaper the price the better." In fact this mentality not only increases the cost of the product, but also does not achieve the desired effect.

In fact, when the election of the motor, the first must meet the motor must be in the standard voltage can drive the rated load to achieve the desired speed, to achieve its function. If this can not be met, to consider the noise, shape and price, are fuss and. Generally to determine the performance of the motor down, and then we are to optimize the motor sound and shape, not the primary and secondary reversed.

And then we choose the motor, you can consider the use of the motor under the environment. For example, the product is used in the hall or square, do we use high-mute motor to do it? This is nothing more than to increase the cost of the project, a serious point led to the project failed; for example, I want to use the motor to do a back and forth movement, Design time, the use of structural stall to achieve the stop and reverse. This time must choose the appropriate torque of the motor, not to say that the greater the better torque. If the torque exceeds the capacity of the structure, the motor will not put this structure top bad?

Because of the product itself differ in thousands ways, gear motor as a degree, it'll be hard to do professional level in a short period of time, in this case, you can ask Shenzhen TT motor Industrial Co., Ltd. for help.