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How Does DC Ceiling Fan Work

Aug 22, 2017

                                                      How Does DC Ceiling Fan Work?

The DC motor starts up when a small electric current is passed through a magnetic field coil.The resulting magnetic force producing the 

torque that turns the motor repeatedly. The specific type of DC motor used in ceiling fans is a brushless DC motor A DC motor uses 

an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. This creates a magnetic field that creates the torque required to rotate the motor's rotor. 

This process requires less electrical energy, translating into a 70% or greater reduction in power consumption over standard AC motors.


Other Benefits of DC Motors

This energy efficient process keeps the motor cool, effectively improving the fan's life span.Noise is virtually eliminated. And the overall

assembly is much more compact than standard,making for a smaller and lighter product. The only real disadvantage of Dc motor ceiling 

fans is the initial cost, as they require a pricier, more complicated electronic speed controller to run.However, the price increase is not as 

painful as you might think and is more than balanced by the many more years of usable service.Visit us for more info www.ttmotor.com

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