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High Quality Worm Gear Motor High Torque 10kg.cm For Barbecue Machine

Aug 30, 2017

high quality worm gear motor high torque 10kg.cm for barbecue machine 

32×46 mm worm gearbox plus 370 & 320 dc motor and 24mm brushless motor


Product Description

Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
32×46mm gear motor provide 1.0Nm torque and more reliable
Suitable to small diameter. Low noise and big torque application
Dc gear motors can match encoder,11ppr
Reduction ratio: 70,146,188,300,438,563,700,900,1020,1313,1688,2700

Technical Data

 twg3246-370ca    diam.pngtwg3246-370ca    spec.png

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Company Information


Packaging & Shipping


Packaging: single carton packing, 100-200 pieces per box.
Shipping time:
DHL: 3-5 working days ;
UPS: 5-7 working days;
TNT: 5-7 working days;
FedEx: 7-9 working days;
EMS: 12-15 working days;
China Post: Depends on ship to which country;
Sea: Depends on ship to which country