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GMP28-TEC2838 DC Brushless Planetary Gear Motor

Jan 19, 2018

GMP28-TEC2838 DC brushless planetary gear motor

Divided into two parts:

First, 2838 brushless motor,

1) is the use of electronic commutation instead of the traditional mechanical commutation, reliable performance, never wear and tear, low failure rate, life expectancy brushed motor increased by 10-30 times.

2) DC brushless is a static motor, the load current is small;

3) high output efficiency;

    4) External drive brushless motor can be small size.

    5) Built-in brushless motor drive, due to heat issues, the motor running for a period of time, there was fever.


6) Holzer-less brushless motors have a slight vibration at start-up and do not feel any vibration after normal speed;

    7) hollow cup structure of the brushless motor price is high, the controller requires high;

    8) Brushless motor with external driver, inconvenient to use, need external controller, difficult to control in size and cost


DC Brushless DC Motor Brushless DC Motor Brushless Motor 24v


28mm planetary reducer

Built-in drive, planetary gear structure, equipped with planetary gear box, a variety of reduction ratio, the final speed can be as low as 5 rpm.


Our brushless planetary gear motor is built-in drive structure, easy to use, no need for an external controller, directly connected to the positive and negative power supply can be used.


In the design, fully taking into account the customer's requirements, an increase of the design of overload protection, lock protection, overcurrent protection, high temperature protection, maximum protection of the effectiveness of the product.


1 using the voltage range: 7-28V can be

2. The final speed: 5-1000 can be

3. Load torque: rated working torque up to 9KG

4, the maximum torque: up to 30KG


Reduction ratio: 4,14,19,27,51,71,, 100,189,264,369,516,720,981,1370,1913,2671,3730