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Encoder In The Field Of Energy-saving Development Of Good

Feb 27, 2017

At present, China's overall development plan, national industrialization can be said to be spared. Starting from some time in the past, has always been a nation-building industry as a key industry. In the future development of construction, industry has served as a national pillar industries will continue to exist. Possible in terms of industrial structure adjustment from the past of a higher consumption, low productivity 

path above, access to the new road to, and industrial electrical equipment is to be the possibility of facilitating the change is the key to success.

Incremental encoders also have new applications in other areas, such as industrial control field, in the field of environmental protection, agriculture, in the field of multimedia images, other for sensor applications, as we all know, incremental encoders are used for detection of displacement and Velocity sensor, used various types of automated machinery. With the development of industrial sector, changing product demand, came into being all kinds of special encoder, incremental development trend is good in the field of energy saving.