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Encoder Fully Upgraded For Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Encoder

Feb 27, 2017

Around the world the environmental consciousness of industrial products, industrial development, effects on the survival environment of mankind has brought more or less; how to make industrial products as far as possible to reduce impact on the environment, that environmental awareness is a problem every responsible businesses have to think about.

For coding device products of environmental requirements, while is internal of electronic material, and chemical material of not outside relief, on the is external for shell material, and paint coating, and cable skin of environmental requirements; for, I company coding device learning abroad first-class brand of coding device manufacturing enterprise, in initial stage on selection has coding device exclusive cable, and using no screws not demolition of full sealed shell, guarantee has internal electronic material and chemical material of but relief, and this is launched of aluminum full metal color shell, no heavy metal And no paint coating, also reached the overseas enterprises to external environmental requirements and ideas of the encoder.