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Differences & Similarities Between Planetary Gear And Spur Gear Motor.

Sep 16, 2017

                     Differences & similarities between Planetary gear and Spur gear motor. 

Both planetary and spur motor gears are made from different kinds of metals; these include steel, nickel-steel, and 

brass. Some planetary gear motors use plastic, though this isn’t seen often. Most experts will agree that steel cut 

gears are the most durable; this makes them much more ideal for applications that require more torque. Nickel-steel 

gears, on the other hand, tend to be more absorptive and are better at holding lubricant than other materials.

Lubrication is important no matter what material the gear is made of, and is especially essential when the machine is 

working at high speeds or has heavy loads. Planetary gears are better than spur gears when it comes to retaining 

lubrication. This is due to the planet gears being able to recapture any oil that gets removed from the sun gear. This 

also helps the planet gears operate at faster speeds. Spur gear motors work better at lower speeds because the oil 

tends to fly off the gears. The inadequate lubrication makes working at higher speed more difficult for spur gears, as 

they will to burn out faster.

Planetary Gear Motors are cylindrical in shape, and come in many power levels and sizes. Planetary gear motors are 

usually made of steel or brass, and sometimes plastic. This type of motor has several gears and teeth sharing the 

work, so there is less worry about wear and stress, which makes it easier to attain large amounts of power transfer 

without harming the gears. Planetary gear motors are also more expensive to produce because they require more 

parts. This includes the sun gear, an outer gear, several planet gears, and a moveable arm to hold the planet gears. 

While this system results in higher efficiency and lower gear noise, it is also more complex and parts can be hard to 

get to or inaccessible, making repairs difficult.

Spur gear motors are commonly made from either brass or steel. Spur gear motors are most often cylindrical in 

shape, and the gears can be noisy, especially if there is not enough lubrication. The gears are straight-toothed and 

connect to parallel shafts, which delivers high torque at lower speeds. Important design factors for spur gears are the 

size of the gears and the number of teeth on each gears. The size and number of teeth will determine the gear ratios 

for output torque and the shaft speed. Inadequate lubrication can damage the teeth, which can lead to gear stress or 

slippage and even break the gear motor. Spur gear motors tend to be less expensive to produce than planetary gear 

motors, due to the fact that they use fewer gears and are much simpler to manufacture.

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