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DC Motor Armature Winding Grounding Fault Elimination Method

Oct 26, 2016

Electric armature winding grounding fault General often occurred in slot mouth at and slot within bottom, on its of judge can used insulation resistance table method or check lamp method, with insulation resistance table measurement electric armature winding on frame of insulation resistance Shi, as resistance for zero is description electric armature winding grounding; or with figure by shows of MV table method for judge, will 36V low voltage power through rated voltage for 36V of low voltage lighting lamp Hou, connection to commutator tablets Shang and the hinge end, if bulb shiny, is description electric armature winding exists grounding fault.

Armature winding in serious short circuit, DC motor to burn out. If you only have individual coils when a short circuit occurs, DC motor still running, just make the surface of the commutator sparks bigger, armature winding heat is serious, if it is not found in time and be excluded, it will eventually cause the DC motor burned to the ground. Therefore, when the armature winding fault occurs, must be excluded.