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DC Gear Motor Easier Maintenance And Longer Life

Nov 01, 2017

DC Gear Motor in the eyes of many customers may be the kind of very miniature, only half the size of the palm of the micro-motor. Indeed, in the application of DC Gear Motor, this kind of ultra miniature DC Gear Motor is the most extensive in the existing mature brushless application. First the shell is generally plastic, and built-in circuit board as a simple drive, can be connected with the ordinary motor can be used, no additional programming and wiring, so it is easier to apply. But this DC Gear Motor application range is smaller, because the motor itself is very small, the output torque is not large, and does not support a variety of mode control, not to show the DC Gear Motor a variety of advantages, just do not have a carbon brush, maintenance more convenient, longer life. But to be applied in industrial applications of DC Gear Motor, because the required torque is larger, so the volume is relatively large, and can assemble reducer, reduce speed, increase output torque. Before the popularization of DC Gear Motor, micro-gear reducer is equipped with micro-AC motor and micro-DC brush motor, this kind of collocation is small, easy to install, the range of speed ratio is big, is the common deceleration motor in the industrial production, the appearance of DC Gear Motor, makes the miniature gear reducer has a combination of the motor, and the DC Gear Motor itself energy-saving, Efficient, high torque, long life is more advantageous than micro-AC motor and micro-DC brush motor, although the DC Gear Motor to support the use of the driver, the cost may be higher than the brush motor, but from the maintenance cost, DC Gear Motor in addition to the bearing wear no other additional wear, basically maintenance-free, Life expectancy of more than 5,000 hours, life is basically other micro-motor more than twice times, and energy consumption only one-third, single from maintenance and energy saving, one year can save the cost of procurement, the more the subsequent use of more money. Therefore, the advantages of DC Gear Motor with gear reducer and the biggest difference between micro motor and gear reducer are in maintenance and energy saving.

The main welding quality is poor, solder joints open welding. In addition, the wire material, operation also has the following electromagnetic wire specifications, winding fault, winding connection, heavy winding coil technology, wire breakage and other reasons.

I. Gear REDUCER MOTOR electromagnetic Wire specification

1, electromagnetic line thickness uneven, a section of qualified, a section of unqualified.

2, electromagnetic line thickness uneven,DC Gear Motor  a section of qualified, a section of unqualified.

Second, gear reducer motor winding failure aspect

1, gear reducer motor winding has turn short-circuit fault.

2, winding and casing have two or more contacts, resulting in grounding fault.

III. Winding Connection

1, the winding element connection is not correct.

2, gear reducer motor connection line, lead length or sectional area does not meet the requirements. Check the winding element connection law, will connect the law,DC Gear Motor  will connect the wrong component correct come over. Check the connection line, lead length and specification and sectional area, do not meet the requirements of the correction.

1. The coil size of DC motor reducer is inconsistent.

2. The wrong number of windings

3. Uneven tension when winding

V. Conductor rupture

1, and around the wire or parallel branch of the wire has broken place.

2, parallel conductor Welding Department break.

3, coil lead or bending place conductor break

With the instrument check, gently shake the wire,DC Gear Motor  the instrument pointer will follow the swing, the conductor breaks the test lamp or the insulation resistance meter check is not called convenient, the inspection checks out after the weld is good.