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DC Brushless Motor Pros And Cons Contrast

Jan 12, 2018

DC brushless motor pros and cons contrast


a) DC brushless motor is to use electronic commutation instead of the traditional mechanical commutation, reliable performance, never wear, low failure rate,

      Life expectancy than the brush motor increased by 10-30 times.

b) DC brushless DC motor is a static motor with no-load current;

c) high output efficiency;

d) External drive brushless DC motor can be small size.

e) DC brushless motor with built-in driver, due to thermal issues, the motor is running for some time, there was a fever.

f) Brushless DC motors have essentially no radiation.

g) DC brushless motor can also be combined with reducer, assembled into a brushless DC motor, long life, torque, low noise



a) Holzer-less brushless DC motor with a slight jitter at start-up, no vibration after normal speed;

b) Hollow cup structure of the DC brushless motor price is high, the controller requires high;

c) DC brushless motor with external driver, inconvenient to use, need external controller, difficult to control in size and cost