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Classification and Selection of Photoelectric Encoders

Mar 04, 2017

Classification and Selection of Photoelectric Encoders

Encoder for the sensor class, mainly used to detect the mechanical movement of the speed, position, angle, distance or count, in addition to the application of industrial machinery, many motor control, such as servo motors, BLDC servo motors are need to be equipped with an encoder for the motor controller as commutation, speed and location of the detection of a wide range of applications.

According to the detection principle, the encoder can be divided into optical, magnetic, inductive and capacitive. According to its scale method and signal output form, divided into incremental encoder and absolute encoder. Photoelectric encoder is the use of grating diffraction principle to achieve displacement - digital transformation, began to use in machine tools and computing equipment, because of its simple structure, high precision, long life, etc.,it is populared at home and abroad.And it is widely used in positioning, speed, length, acceleration, vibration and other aspects of applications.

Incremental encoder shaft rotation, there is a corresponding pulse output, the count starting point arbitrarily set, can achieve multi-turn infinite accumulation and measurement. Encoder shaft rotation will output a fixed pulse, the number of pulses determined by the number of encoder grating. Need to improve the resolution, the use of 90 degrees phase difference A, B two-way signal frequency or replace the high-resolution encoder.