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Characteristics Of DC Compound Motor

Sep 14, 2017


                                         Characteristics Of DC Compound Motor

DC compound motors have both series as well as shunt winding. In a compound motor, if series and shunt windings are connected such that series flux is in direction as that of the shunt flux then the motor is said to be cumulatively compounded. And if the series flux is opposite to the direction of the shunt flux, then the motor is said to be differentially compounded. Characteristics of both these compound motors are explained below.

Cumulative compound motor
Cumulative compound motors are used where series characteristics are required but the load is likely to be removed completely. 
Series winding takes care of the heavy load, whereas the shunt winding prevents the motor from running at dangerously high speed when the load is suddenly removed. These motors have generally employed a flywheel, where sudden and temporary loads are applied like in rolling mills.

Differential compound motor
Since in differential field motors, series flux opposes shunt flux, the total flux decreases with increase in load. Due to this, the 
speed remains almost constant or even it may increase slightly with increase in load (N ∝ Eb/ɸ). Differential compound motors are not commonly used, but they find limited applications in experimental and research work.

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