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Characteristics And Functions Of The Gear Box

Oct 27, 2016

1, gearbox products select a wide

Are estimated using the General design of the gear box, gear box design but in exceptional circumstances can change based on consumer demand, variant for industry-specific gear box. Gear box design, parallel shaft, vertical shaft, universal box and spare parts are in accordance with user requirements change.

2, gear box stable

The stable and reliable operation of the gear box, transmission power is high. Gear box external enclosure structure can be manufactured using sound-absorbing materials, reducing noise generated in the process of the gear box. Gearbox own box structure of tie fan can reduce the operating temperature of the gear box.

3, gearbox complete functions

Gear box except deceleration function zhiwai, also has change drive direction and drive torque of function, for example gear box in used two a fan gear Hou can will force vertical passed to another turned axis to achieved drive direction of change, and gear box change biography power moment of principle is, equal power conditions Xia, speed turned of more fast of gear, axis by by of torque more small, instead more big.