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Brushless Gear Motor Long Life, Low Energy Consumption, Small Size

Sep 30, 2017

Brushless Gear Motor by the motor body and drive components, is a typical mechanical and electrical integration products. Since the Brushless Gear Motor is operated automatically, it does not start the winding on the rotor as well as the synchronous motor starting with the reloading of the inverter, and will not oscillate and get out of step when the load is abruptly changed.

In simple terms, by changing the alternating current frequency and waveform of the current wave input to the brushless motor stator coil, a magnetic field around the geometrical axis of the motor is formed around the winding coil, which rotates the permanent magnet magnet on the rotor, The motor will turn up, the performance of the motor and the number of magnetic steel, magnetic flux strength, the motor input voltage and other factors, but also with the brushless motor control performance has a great relationship, because the input is DC, the current needs of electronic The governor turns it into a 3-phase alternating current, and it also needs to receive the control signal from the remote receiver to control the motor speed to meet the needs of the model.

Brushless motor as a new energy-saving mechanical and electrical integration of the motor, has been a lot of customer advice and orders. Brushless motor has many advantages, no carbon brush loss, long life, low energy consumption, small size, high torque, can be controlled, can communicate, support a variety of reducer and so on. The support of a variety of reducers such as miniature gear reducers, RV worm gear reducers,Brushless Gear Motor planetary reducers, etc. means that brushless motors can replace many of the micro motors, three-phase asynchronous motors or stepping servo motors used in the past, The scope of application is very large. Different reducer must correspond to a different user needs, brushless motor with planetary reducer for this combination is for the high precision of the user groups. What are the benefits of a brushless motor with a planetary reducer?

Brushless motor itself has the characteristics of the above has been introduced, and here is not to repeat, but one thing is that brushless motor is to support communication control of the motor, which means that the brushless motor itself can be used in automation equipment , Automation equipment is a lot of precision requirements, planetary reducer as one of the highest precision reducer, itself is also a high-precision pronoun, with high precision, high torque, high transmission efficiency, long life, maintenance-free, etc. Advantages, widely used in automation equipment, so this time coupled with the planetary reducer, you can do to maximize the output speed accuracy, to ensure that brushless motor after the planetary reducer speed accuracy is guaranteed, less torque loss. Brushless motor with planetary reducer, both instead of stepper motor with planetary reducer, to obtain a higher working speed, but also can replace the servo motor with planetary reducer to reduce the use of cost. Of course, not all occasions can use brushless motors with planetary reducers to replace the other combinations,Brushless Gear Motor some specific occasions or the need for higher precision servo motor with planetary reducer, but in most of the automation equipment, can Try to use a brushless motor with a planetary reducer to replace the use of energy conservation and maintenance of convenience, there is an absolute advantage.