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Brushless Gear Motor Easier Maintenance And Longer Life

Oct 20, 2017

Brushless Gear Motor benefits believe that has been recognized by the vast number of users, such as small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, torque, long life, can be controlled and so on, can replace the brush DC motor, three-phase asynchronous motor, micro-motor, etc. and widely used in many occasions.

Brushless Gear Motor in the eyes of many customers may be the kind of very miniature, only half the size of the palm of the micro-motor. Indeed, in the application of Brushless Gear Motor, this kind of ultra miniature Brushless Gear Motor is the most extensive in the existing mature brushless application. First the shell is generally plastic, and built-in circuit board as a simple drive, can be connected with the ordinary motor can be used, no additional programming and wiring, so it is easier to apply. But this Brushless Gear Motor application range is smaller, because the motor itself is very small, the output torque is not large, and does not support a variety of mode control, not to show the Brushless Gear Motor a variety of advantages, just do not have a carbon brush, maintenance more convenient, longer life. But to be applied in industrial applications of Brushless Gear Motor, because the required torque is larger, so the volume is relatively large, and can assemble reducer, reduce speed, increase output torque. Before the popularization of Brushless Gear Motor, micro-gear reducer is equipped with micro-AC motor and micro-DC brush motor, this kind of collocation is small, easy to install, the range of speed ratio is big, is the common deceleration motor in the industrial production, the appearance of Brushless Gear Motor, makes the miniature gear reducer has a combination of the motor, and the Brushless Gear Motor itself energy-saving, Efficient, high torque, long life is more advantageous than micro-AC motor and micro-DC brush motor, although the Brushless Gear Motor to support the use of the driver, the cost may be higher than the brush motor, but from the maintenance cost, Brushless Gear Motor in addition to the bearing wear no other additional wear, basically maintenance-free, Life expectancy of more than 5,000 hours, life is basically other micro-motor more than twice times, and energy consumption only one-third, single from maintenance and energy saving, one year can save the cost of procurement, the more the subsequent use of more money. Therefore, the advantages of Brushless Gear Motor with gear reducer and the biggest difference between micro motor and gear reducer are in maintenance and energy saving.

Brushless DC motor consists of motor main body and actuator, it is a typical electromechanical integration product. Since the brushless DC motor is operated by automatic control, it will not be like the synchronous motor of the heavy-duty start-up under the variable frequency speed regulation, but also the starting winding on the rotor, and it will not generate oscillation and loss step when the load is mutated. Medium and small capacity brushless DC motor, the permanent magnet, now uses the high magnetic energy level of rare earth NdFeB (-) material. Therefore, the volume of the rare earth Permanent magnet Brushless Gear Motor reduces the size of the same-capacity three-phase asynchronous motor.

In simple terms, the alternating frequency and waveform of the current wave on the stator coil of the Brushless Gear Motor are changed by the the windings around the winding coil form a magnetic field rotating around the axis of the motor, which drives the permanent magnet magnets on the rotor, the motor turns up, the performance of the motor and the number of magnets, the magnetic flux strength of the magnet, Motor input voltage size and other factors, more with Brushless Gear Motor control performance has a great relationship, because the input is DC, the current needs electronic governor to turn it into 3-phase AC, but also need to receive control signals from the remote receiver, control the speed of the motor to meet the needs of model use. In general, the structure of Brushless Gear Motor is relatively simple, the real decision to use the performance of the brushless electronic governor, good electronic governor need to have Single-chip control program design, circuit design, complex processing process, such as the overall controls, so the price than the brush motor is much higher.