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Brushless DC Motor Applications Brushless DC Motor In The Electric Tool Industry

Feb 01, 2018

Brushless DC motor applications in the electric tool industry 

1. Electric wrench Brushless DC motor + drive control device + community of these clutch devices, can be made into an electric wrench; supporting rechargeable battery, can be made into a portable Electric wrench Mainly used for dismantling automobile tires and other fields.

2. Electric grinding brushless DC motor for electric grinding machine, you do not need to change the brush for maintenance work, the speed can be polished workpiece according to speed control, the noise is greater than the original brush motor has reduced, and As the use of DC voltage, voltage decreases, greatly improved safety. 

3. Vacuum cleaner Brushless DC motor for vacuum cleaners, electrical parts greatly reduced the mention of greatly reduced speed, suction, noise, small electrical interference on the periphery; if the rechargeable battery can also be made of portable multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. 

4. Cutting Machine Brushless DC motor for cutting machine, the main features are two. a can change the speed to ensure that the cutting piece wear, the cutting line speed consistent in order to ensure the cutting quality; b cutting force, but in case of congestion occurs, immediately shut down to ensure the safety of equipment and life; 

brushless DC motor In the medical profession application 

1. Bone saw brushless DC motor used in medical equipment made of bone saws, large force, sawing speed, low noise, electromagnetic interference. And can support rechargeable batteries, made into a portable product, easy to use.

2. Dental electric grinder, electric drill used in dental medical electric grinder, electric drill brushless DC motor, small size, fast speed, low noise, interference, durable, easy to use. Brushless DC motor in the aircraft industry brushless DC motor for car models, model aircraft, aircraft models and other non-spark interference, easy remote control, simple structure, light weight, is conducive to effective load; brushless DC motor in the equipment industry Application 1 drill brushless DC motor for bench drilling, stepless speed adjustment can be achieved bench drill speed, fully meet the needs of operators, and the original level governor can be canceled, thereby reducing the size and cost. 2 milling machine, lathe brushless DC motor for milling machines, lathes can achieve speed stepless speed regulation, fully meet the needs of the operating process, and the original mechanical speed control device can be canceled. Brushless DC motor in the automotive industry 

Brushless DC motor applications in the automotive industry is mainly due to its large torque than the traditional brush motor, power, high reliability, long life, especially windows, skylights, etc., in case of failure, it will automatically stop and avoid Injury accident occurred;