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BLDC Summary

Sep 18, 2017

                                                BLDC Summary

Here’s the basic summary of BLDC motor.Have a look once.Perhaps it brings very useful informations to you.

With no mechanical commutator or brushes to wear out, brushless DC motors are low maintenance and non-sparking. In 

addition, they have less shaft friction and inertia, less audible noise and much better torque-to-weight ratios (power density), so 

they’re much smaller in size than a comparable brush DC motor.

Compared to brush DC motors, BLDC motors have a number of performance advantages. They have high starting torque, and 

the torque is flat up to rated speed. Due to the real-time electronic control, their speed regulation is precise and insensitive to 

load variations. Since the heat is generated in the external stator and not the internal rotor, they are easier to keep cool. And 

the lack of brushes means they produce less electrical noise and can run at higher speeds—up to 100,000 RPM in some cases.

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