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BLDC Motors And Its Features.

Sep 19, 2017

                                          BLDC Motors and its features.

BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current Motors. With the passage of time and new technology it has become possible to 

eliminate the brushes from DC motors. In a BLDC motor, the permanent magnets are put on the rotor that moves around the 

stator. A controller/sensor is used to charge the stator coils as the shaft turns.TT BLDC motors are customized to meet 

customer’s special requirements. Using cutting edge materials and sensorless technology,TT's motors provide 

high performance with features and solutions for individual and industrial applications.

                                             Features of BLDC Motors

There is still a need of a motor controller, but the simplicity of construction of BLDC motors offers many more advantages 

compared to a brushed DC motor in terms of high torque and a very wide speed range. BLDC motors exhibit better heat 

dissipation, improved efficiency and greater power density. Due to lack of brushes and mechanical commutator, the BLDC 

motors have a compact size, reduced weight and high speed range.

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