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Background Of Brushless DC Motor Control System

Feb 27, 2017

In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered Electromagnetic induction phenomenon since the electricity into people's lives, French Pixii made initially using the principle of electromagnetic induction motor, 1866 Germany Siemens invented a practical inventor of DC generator in 1870, Belgium people Gramm invented the motor, generator and motor appear pulled open the curtain of the second industrial revolution, motor deeper into every corner of people's lives.

Brush DC motor with its excellent torque characteristics have been applied widely in the field of motion control, but mechanical brush is an Achilles ' heel of the brushless DC motor, mechanical reversing lead to reversing malnutrition, severe Sparks, a narrow speed range, large amount of maintenance. To resolve this problem, back in the 30 's, people started to replace the electronic circuit mechanical commutation of brushless DC motor brush, until 1955, the United States D. halisen, who applied for a transistor reversing application instead of the mechanical commutator motor reversing patent, this is the prototype of the modern DC Brushless motors. And after years of effort, using Hall elements to realize commutation of brushless DC motors and finally in 1962.