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Automated Packaging Equipment Is A Key To Business Development

Feb 27, 2017

According to the China machinery industry Federation predicts that "Twelve-Five" period, the scale of China's packaging industry is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, an annual average growth rate of 16%. and new version of GMP implementation, and also for the development of domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery enterprises offers the best opportunity, seize these opportunities, packaging production is key to the future development of the company.

At present, the global machinery market demand is based on 5.2% an annual growth rate of growth by 2012 is expected to reach us $ 39.8 billion. In the next few years, packaging equipment sales in the markets of developing countries will surpass Japan and the United States and other developed countries. In 2010, China's demand for packaging machinery and equipment is approximately $ 3.3 billion.

With the implementation of the new GMP, substantially increasing the requirements of the domestic drug manufacturers, packaging machinery enterprise in order to meet these needs, in order to gain a foothold in international competition, gradually awakening to new more automated performance package model will gradually replace traditional to become mainstream in the future. This is the effective way of packaging machinery enterprises sustainable development and its ultimate goal of technological renovation.