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Applications Of DC Gear Motor

Jul 31, 2017


                                 Applications of DC Gear Motor

With the right motor and gearbox combination, TT Motor can bring speed and efficiency to just about any precision motion need. Our solutions are being used in: recreational vehicle slide-out applications, home and office automation systems, robotics, medical equipment, and hundreds of other applications imaginable.

Our high toruge DC gear motor have been designed for both, indoor and outdoor use. With their quiet operation, low-vibration design, and compact dimensions, they perform beyond expectations. These aspects are only enhanced with their multiple mounting options.


TT Motor is able to customize the design and configurations based on your specific requirements pertaining to:

  • Application

  • Dimension

  • Rated Voltage

  • Rated Torque

  • Rated Speed


We are fully aware of your concern for environmental compliance. In keeping with this, TT Motor can offer your chosen DC  gear motors.These products go a long way in helping you achieve your environmental compliance targets. Our all the products are better and more reliable .

Please click here  www.ttmotor.com  and choose one that best fits your application.Thanks.