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Application Of Reducer On The Carrier

Oct 27, 2016

In China, the reducer has been applied to various fields, mainly used in metallurgy, mining, construction, cement and other general purpose machinery, light industry, energy transmission. Now also some drive in the carrier.

On aircraft carriers, a lot of layers, layers and layers between transport without speed reducer, electric rollers, hard surface reducer application a lot. Like, "varyag" carrier arresting system has been installed, will also use the reducer. Its mounted under the deck hydraulic/pneumatic buffer and American active-duty MK-7 carrier arresting systems are very similar. Now missing only the 4 most visible check cable, check cable is just part of the whole system on the surface of the deck, below deck gearbox is where the core of the arresting system. United States Navy aircraft carrier midway flight deck installed MK7 arresting system, huge cylinder of hydraulic cylinder and occupies most of the space of the reducer. We are also looking at China's aircraft carrier drive.