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Analysis Of Reducer Broken Shaft

Oct 27, 2016

1 different heart breaking issues that arise.

When the Assembly of motor and reducer concentric Guarantees very good, just turn of the motor output shaft under power, work will Very smooth. However different hearts, the output shaft to suffer from the reducer input diameter

Force, long term effects of this radial force will make the motor output shaft are forced to bend, bend Song with the output shaft in the direction of rotation is constantly changing.

2 output appears too small, reducer broken shaft problems.

(1) the wrong selection made by the gearbox output is not enough.

(2) in the process of accelerating and decelerating, gearbox output shafts, riding the moment of torsion Moment if more than twice times their rated output torque, and the acceleration and deceleration is too Frequently, you will eventually make reducer broken shaft.