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Advantages Of Stepper Motor

Sep 05, 2017

                                            Advantages Of Stepper motor 

Today we simply mention the advantages of Stepper motor.You may get many ideas from this short text.Advantages 

 of Stepper motor are as below :-

1.    Stable Can drive a wide range of frictional and inertial loads.

2.    Needs no feedback. The motor is also the position transducer.

3.    Inexpensive relative to other motion control systems.

4.    Standardized frame size and performance.

5.    Plug and play. Easy to setup and use.

6.    Safe. If anything breaks, the motor stops.

7.    Long life. Bearings are the only wear-out mechanism.

8.    Excellent low speed torque. Can drive many loads without gearing.

9.    Excellent repeatability. Returns to the same location accurately.

10. Overload safe. Motor cannot be damaged by mechanical overload.

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