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Advantages Of Brush DC Motor

Sep 22, 2017

                                                       Advantages Of Brush DC Motor

Today we basically discuss about the advantages of using Brush Dc Motor in machinery and automatedSolution.The DC Brush 

Motor is one of the earliest of all electrical motor designs. It is usually the motor of choice for the majority of torque control and variable speed applications. The following discusses the advantages of using a Brush DC Motor in machinery and automated processes.

The Brush DC Motor has a simple construction, therefore may not require a controller. When a controller is chosen, it is typically a simple and inexpensive drive design.

Understandable design technology facilitates in the quick application of the DC Brush Motor

The design of the Brush DC Motor is quite simple, in that a permanent magnetic field is created in the by either of two means; permanent magnets or electro-magnetic windings

Opposing the stator field is the armature field, which is generated by a changing electromagnetic flux coming from windings located on the rotor of the DC Brush Motor. The magnetic poles of the armature field will attempt to line up with the opposite magnetic poles generated by the stator field. Next, the section of the rotor where the electricity enters the rotor windings is called the commutator. The electricity is carried between the brush motor rotor and the stator by conductive graphite-copper brushes (mounted on the rotor) which contact rings on stator.

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