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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Planetary Gear Motors

Mar 04, 2017

Advantages of planetary gearheads:

·         Compact size and low weight – as much as 50% reduction with same torque output.

·         High power density – several planets share the load rather than one gear, the more planets the more sharing.

·         Longer gear life at similar loads.

·         Gearing can be very accurate with virtually no backlash.

·         High efficiency – 95% per stage is common.

·         Typical ratio per stage is 9:1, 4 stages 9000:1

·         Coaxial arrangement – no offset output shaft

·         Modular, most planetary stages can be stacked.

Disadvantages of planetary gearheads:

·         Noisier Operation – some planetary gearheads are noisy.

·         Gearing must be accurate to assure load sharing

·         High bearing loads can lead to early wear in dead stud or sleeve bearing construction

·         Generally grease lubricated (oil bath is the better).

·         High ratio of length to diameter when using multiple stages (gearhead gets very long).

·         High cost if low backlash and long life are required.