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Advantages And Application Prospects Of DC Brushless Motor

Feb 27, 2017

Advantages and Application Prospects of DC Brushless Motor

Brushless DC motor without brush and commutator, so it is named brushless motor. It consists of the motor body and the driver, is a typical mechanical and electrical integration products. As a “new product” of the motor industry, although the brushless DC motor into China's history is not long, and the price is brighter than the brush motor, but because of the advantages of brushless motor, the development momentum can be described as rapid. Since the brushless motor into China, it quickly favored by home appliances, automobiles, ships and machinery industries, and in various industries occupy a place.

Brushless DC motor has small size, light weight, long life, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, no spark, high reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, and it’s maintenance is simple. With excellent performance, brushless DC motor quickly attracted “small, light, thin” of the audio-visual products, quietly home appliances and luxury cars and other manufacturers attention. By that, so many countries have also accelerated the development of brushless motor products and the speed of the market.

 Believing that in time, the price will not hinder the brushless motor occupation of the motor market. In the foreseeable future, the brushless motor will be completely eliminated brush motor, motor products will enter the “brushless era.” To meet the “brushless era”, TT MOTOR to provide customers with standard products, modified products and a variety of customized products. Through TT MOTOR integrated optimization of the system and excellent parts, customers can greatly reduce the development time. Our professional application experience allows us to meet our customers’ needs by modifying standard products or developing customized products!