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About The Lifetime Of Brushless DC Motor

Jan 12, 2018

About the Lifetime of Brushless DC Motor

       DC brushless geared motor, usually by the brushless DC motor and reducer assembly together here reducer with the traditional parallel transmission gear structure is different, its main role in two:

       1) reduce the motor speed at the same time improve the overall output torque capacity, the torque output ratio by motor output multiplied by the reduction ratio, and then according to the efficiency of the reducer produced by different manufacturers for the proportional conversion and draw the DC brushless geared motor Of the actual torque value, but be careful not to exceed the rated torque reducer.

       2) The reducer reduces the inertia of the motor load while decelerating. In practical work, the larger the reduction ratio, the lower the working efficiency, the greater the loss.

           So the whole DC motor gear life is decided by it? Here mainly to see the two components of their life expectancy. In general, the gearbox life will be shorter than the brushless motor life, so the gearbox wear, the geared motor can not be used (of course, with the technological innovation, gearbox life has been a breakthrough Progress).

          With more and more customer's technical requirements, Shenzhen Kick Electronics has developed a long-life reducer, brushless motor with comparable life expectancy from a multi-technology point of view, improved gear properties at all levels of material through Different structure configuration to extend the life of the reducer.

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